Up Business Through Exhibition

One of the main constraints that often face the perpetrators of a business is difficult to market products that produced. According to the results of the study Forum Regional Small and Medium Enterprises (SME Forda) Yogyakarta, the problem of rank order on the marketing of the various obstacles faced by the business. Especially for small business business medium scale (SMEs). Marketing problem, and also aspects of the problem of limited capital, often impedes the development of their businesses.

Exhibition, is one of the media marketing of the latter held flare. Even exhibitions, both local-scale, national, and international at any time we can see dikota-particularly large cities. Exhibition as a form of promotion and sales, seem to have become a profitable business area. Not only for even as the organizer, the exhibition space, and also for the businesses that follow the opening and stand in the exhibition.

The amount of benefits and the attractiveness of the exhibition as a sales strategy is very effective. Later, the government also various incentive to follow through even the exhibition program of guidance and empowerment of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Government agencies that often provide periodic exhibitions are the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the National Export Development Agency (BPEN), Ministry of Cooperation, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry for Women's Empowerment .

Facilitating this exhibition was organized by the government as a form of responsibility to achieve prosperity and strengthen the national economy. Financial benefits, such as direct sales and orders during orer, not a small value. Program with the government to facilitate SME participation in the exhibition to be a solution be calculated that effective.

In addition to the government, large companies are incorporated in the state-owned business entities (state-owned), both from banks and non-state-owned banks, and provide exhibition facilities regularly. The state-owned and has often related binaan SMEs are Telkom, Pertamina, Semen Gresik, PLN, Pos Indonesia, Danareksa, Angkasa Pura, and so forth. Similarly private companies, in the framework of corporate social responsibility program (CSR), generally also provide facilities for the exhibition free of SMEs.

In addition, based on experience, not a bit of business that do work or join together in the exhibition with a 'joint venture'. This is to menyiasati costs that must be issued to take an even exhibitions. In this way the cost borne by the exhibition together. This is the ordinary made handicrafts and furniture manufacturers in Yogyakarta even when the scale international exhibitions that have good prospects, such as the Expo or Furnicraft Export Product Exhibition. This is the way menyiasati limited capital in the hope that can reach buyer or buyers abroad since the financial crisis that many book unique product from Indonesia.

Exhibition of late become a mainstay for the business up for sale. For the SME business scale, the exhibition is also a gate that is very effective to reach a global market. In fact, not a bit of business that rely on sales only for the exhibition. They live from exhibition to exhibition. There are also after the order or order them from the rest while the exhibition and participate again when orders decreased.

However organize the exhibition seems less a factor, followed by business planning that follow. Found many are still confused businessman in preparing the exhibition. Both in managing and decorated booth space, energy sales, booth management, and other preparation. Appearance and monoton stan stan similar to the other, does not have traction, not responsive sales staff, or the number of visitors who signed in a little booth. As a result, the sales target is not as expected. (*)