Empowering of The SME in Indonesia

Building entrepreunership soul can be started at any time and from anywhere. As well as for entrepreneurs starting a business can be done from anywhere and anytime. Often we feel confused or do not have the perception and insight to build adequate entrepreneurship. Moreover, sometimes the environment also does not support efforts towards that. Our society still glamourize position as employee or officer of a businessman.

Our national education system, must be recognized, also has not been able to find a formulation that can produce graduates to adapt and adjust to the challenges and development time. The undergraduate and graduate universities rely more letters of application as the first choice of major and their work. They like not motivated or pushed to go to become entrepreneurs.

Education and entrepreneurship of the world are two seemingly different nature and standing alone. Education more oriented on the development of theoretical and scientific aspects of merely academic, while on the applications in the field keilmuannya still needs optimized. Many of the research conducted and produced by the universities and the only accumulate only as decoration library.

Rather, entrepreneurship is often seen as a talent that brought congenital birth override and support education and training. The reason, many successful entrepreneurs who achieve success without high-school level. Not even a little of the success that the only elementary school drop-out and learn the self-taught. Moreover, after a successful entrepreneur, they can pay or employ the graduates as employees or children fruit.

Our beloved country Indonesia it is filled with the paradigm that all dualistik. Paradigm such as this in turn mengkondisikan community on the insight and understanding that terkotak-box. Each party was not against the other party concerned. They also tend to have more interests and affairs of each.

To build our society forward toward a nation, it seems we have to break a variety of conditions that all dualistik this. And this step can be started from anywhere and by anyone. Each of us is responsible to take care and have a variety of social and problematika our nation is quite complex. Without the need to find a scapegoat, we can start it from the environment each of us and work together with the various parties.

However, efforts to stave septum-septum sectoral interests, the role of the government and pressure are necessary. Government with the authority and power need to show concrete. Society requires not only political will but also the program to overcome the various concrete social problematika existing. Included in the lift and empower micro, small and medium.

Indeed, entrepreneurship is an alternative that is effective to overcome the many social problems existing in our country. Both the problem of unemployment, poverty and other social backwardness. Entrepreneurship or entrepreunership is an alternative solution that has a multiplier effect or effects ganda. Entrepreneurial than the economy can overcome the problem, can also overcome the mentality and improve the quality of the resources human beings.

Therefore, the government's attention to this alternative entrepreneurship needs to be done seriously. Moreover, symptoms appear later that the growth of entrepreneurship strong, especially since the end of new order. Resistance to the SMEs' economic and social disaster 'and in its ability to absorb labor that makes the most of SMEs as an option which is quite promising.

The growth of entrepreneurship in our country can be seen from the symptoms of de-industrialization that occurred. De-industrialization is a decline of the industrial sector the symptoms marked with the growth of manufacturing industry decreased continuously so that the contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) and on employment. Symptoms of de-industrialization menguat to hold this first quarter of 2006.

According to BPS data, the growth of manufacturing in the first quarter of 2005 is still high enough to reach 7.1 percent. However, since the second quarter continue to decline dramatically to reach 2.9 percent by the end of 2005. Even at the beginning of the quarter 2006, growth continued to decline to reach 2.0. Similarly when viewed from the aspect of product competitiveness in the manufacturing industry is also increasingly a global market slump. From the results of the survey on the prospects of manufacturing conducted in 60 countries, Indonesia ranks to-60 aka the youngest. Even far below China and even Vietnam.

Symptoms of de-industrialization of the menguat this should be anticipated. When the 'economic earthquake' this can happen is feared will cause a wave of PHK and the occurrence of large-scale unemployment. The number of unemployed who have been great at this time will be more difficult to overcome when the de-industrialization really happened. For that steps need to anticipate the strategic enough. Among the government needs to encourage the diversification of industry and increase exports, including products and multiformity export target. (*)