How Overcoming Capital

Capital is like a breath of continuing business. The capital of the length of the breath travel business. But capital is also not determine the success of a business. Many cases bearing street business even though the capital. Must be recognized, the success of a business is not only determined by one factor only.

Although not a key factor of success of business, capital also play a very important role. With enough capital, a business can run the company more planned. Not only to develop the business but also to capture new opportunities that have not come without a rarely invited. With a capital cukp various business strategy will be more easily implemented.

Conversely, a few companies that do not close or does not develop due to the limited capital owned. Moreover, business competition is felt more sharply. Once the importance of business capital is not so surprising when the capital was considered to participate in determining success or a failure uaha.

Similarly for the small business, capital influence the existence of business. Interestingly, the number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) this reaches 99 percent of the number of companies in the country at this time we estimated that as many as 41.7 million business unit. Uniquely, the number of SMEs from these, as many as 98 persennya or about 38 million more are small business and micro-scale that most of the non-legal. In other words, the economic structure of the configuration is very lame.

Business is small-scale businesses that have annual turnover not more than Rp 1 billion. Meanwhile, the turnover per year for small businesses below Rp 100 million. Nah, including business groups, which? Do not-we do not even enter into the micro category.

My experience with the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to find a role that capital is very important in business than the market and human resources. I am sure, you also agree with the conclusions I have. Moreover, the small business as we do not have enough access to reach the capital or financing institutions that have such as banking.

But you need not be pessimistic. There are many alternative ways and dig up business capital. Moreover, if you really intend to build the business seriously and professionally. It is important, your business turnover in a year not more than Rp 1 billion. In other words, the scale of your business, including SMEs.

Yes, alternative financing for business capital is derived from the program issued by the government. Unfortunately, information about the facilitation of this capital is often limited circulation. In fact, this program is for SMEs. Whatever type of business. And this program aims to strengthen SMEs and improve the welfare of the people through productive economic activities. Including to the problem of unemployment and poverty is quite large.

Institutions or government institutions that provide capital and can be accessed includes the Department of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, and the Ministry for Women. A number of other departments also provide non-capital business. Facilities such as exhibitions, training, production equipment, as well as the other.

So also the body of state-owned (owned) also provides about 1-2 percent of the profit for the business of SMEs. Facilitation of state-owned capital business is issued through the Program of Partnership and Environment (PKBL). Both state-owned banks and non-bank.

Then how do I apply for a business loan to government institutions and state-owned?

Easy. You just come to the office or institution that is owned in your city. For state-owned, have met with the PKBL. Both government agencies and state-owned enterprise that you go will be happy to provide the information you need. They also have a standard form provided for SMEs in need of guidance.

Although this program is the facility from the government, we as the SMEs do not need to get embarrassed. Moreover, the capital facilities grants but not loans software that we must return. Institutions and state-owned institutions that also will provide assistance so that we can grow the business and capital that we can go back and loans to help other SMEs.

Therefore, I even recommend and encourage that you take advantage of capital facilities provided on the various institutions dealing with the bank before. One of the weaknesses we are the biggest faux pas in the business plan. So if our business while bangkut borrow capital from the bank, then the risk is too great.

Apart from the government or state-owned, actually quite a source of funds which have around us that can still be extracted again. For example, you can offer a business plan or business development to the relatives or close family that has more funds. So also with friends, neighbors, business relations, the former boss or employee, or other acquaintances. If your business is your prospect and have a variety of parameters that enough progress to persuade businesses, no when you offer jeleknya working capital with the people you already know.

There are a number of advantages excavate capital in this way than dealing with a bank or financial institution. Among them, you do not need to use collateral that are difficult to meet when you deal with the bank. You also will not be charged interest as in the bank. So also with the advantage of later, will be signed in and flows in your environment, your family or close acquaintances. So that it can provide a real benefit for the surrounding environment.

Even if the desire associated with banking or other financial institution, you should first take into account the ability and resources you have before trying to deal with them. Assistance to make a capital financing institutions will be more effective if the company already is in need. Moreover, the risk associated with banks or financial institutions are also not small. (*)