from Exhibition to Exhibition

A survey was conducted with the UGM SMEDC Bank BRI in 2002 found that the marketing aspect is a major constraint faced by small medium (SME) in Yogyakarta. Results of this study also showed that SMEs tend to be business-oriented product (product oriented) rather than on consumers (consumer oriented).

A number of complaints and findings Frequently Asked small opportunities in the various discussion also shows that the market access they have is very limited. Even for the SMEs, the marketing aspect was a scourge that impedes development efforts. Weak market access, this is not the only consumer product which is the target but also how to campaign and how to distribute its products.

In the field, not a few entrepreneurs who run small businesses started from a product dibuatnya. They have more types of products or whim would be made prior to running the business. They do not even think about what and how segmentasinya, or target market which will diraihnya. Important that they can produce a product based on the ability or talent, too.

There is such a common assumption held by the perpetrators of the business, especially from the industry that the product will either sell itself. This means the company does not need to do a campaign to market the products of high quality home products. Thought of this kind can dimaklumi when the community needs a very high or higher than the production capacity or ability that can be produced by industry. Philosophy of this kind are generally menggejala in various countries during the early growth.

But in its development, when the bidding exceeds the amount of excess demand and production occurs. The number of companies produce products that exceed the amount that can be absorbed by the market. In this situation the company must change the orientation and attention from production to marketing. Therefore, the various aspects of the mixture in the marketing or the marketing mix includes product, price, promotion and distribution is directed to meet the needs of customers or consumers.

Therefore the choice of the type of product will be manufactured in a business is not a priority. In this case you do not need to depart from your mind and your own subjective ideas about the type of product you want to sell. Instead, you need to change your way of thinking from product oriented to customer oriented direction. Before you produce a product, you need to search for information about the needs of consumers.

Another way to search for entries to the needs of consumers is through this exhibition activities. The exhibition is the process of learning by doing in the process and the insight that business-oriented products commonly found in our many entrepreneurs. Through this activity they will also learn many things about consumer wants and needs and adjust them with products that will dibuatnya.

Through this exhibition, the experience, a business will realize that any type or quality of the product dihasilkannya ultimately related to the needs of consumers or the market. As well as anything a product will not be meaningful unless there is a buy.

Must be recognized, not a few felt that the benefits of small business to get the secondary facilities in the exhibition activities. Following the event, or even exhibition, will get a lot of valuable experience. Experience includes insight on the orientation of business must be done, the market segments that also must be clear, and the diversity of needs of a consumer product.

With this experience of the SMEs can improve and change how berpikirnya of product oriented towards customer oriented. Events exhibition also serves to juxtapose a product to market. Through this exhibition facilities you can find out and gather information about needs and desires of the consumer products that you produce.

Through this exhibition is also a small business can learn about the market tended to be flexible, very flexible, and not limited. With this experience they can always try to find a slit trench and, even among the market already saturated even considered. Market, in conjunction with a product, it should be understood in a reciprocal relationship of mutual benefit back. Between producers with consumers give each other something of value with the goal to meet the needs of each.

In the marketing perspective, what the marketers and involve all aspects of treatment with the goal to meet the needs of consumers or the market. Various aspects and treatment is not only the product, price, promotion, and distribution as in the mixture but also the marketing of service, comfort and other factors that participate in decisions affecting consumers. (*)