Running a business in a way mimics

Want to know how to start a business so successful? Easy. How, just mimic businesses that are run by others. Once the solicitation usil titillate but from this book. With the mimic, we may be accused as an imitator and not creative. However, if this strategy mimics a part of the business plan, then we have put a strong enough foundation in building a larger business. Sensitivity and creativity, including innovation, are often more successful replication of the process was built.

The concept of 'imitate' is not here in plagiarism or copy in full. Because if it is done then we will violate the copyright, or business ethics. Impersonate in this book is meant as FOLLOWER or imitator. Although less well, yes, but not against the law and ethics. Not even a few successful entrepreneurs and multinational companies is the business of imitating.

Many cases have been in the business we know mimic, or a lot going on around us. However, this is an interesting fact. Why? Because our minds are often stuck in a delusion that is too high. Saking high so that we do not realize that many business opportunities there are in fact close to us.

Later, the efforts and build the spirit of entrepreneurship (entrepreunership) middle encouraged. The weight of the problem of unemployment and poverty, the issue entrepreneurship as a sufficient alternative solutif. Through entrepreneurship not only increase our economic income but can also create new employment opportunities. Moreover, the support of natural resources in our country is quite abundant. Entrepreneurship expected with so many other social problems will also be addressed.

Entrepreneurial culture, but unfortunately our society is still low. Entrepreneurship often be the last choice after sertivicate graduate school or we rejected various companies or employees failed to enter the country. Meanwhile, when will plunge into the many limitations prevented. Including skills, insight, network of business, or capital. Not so little potential entrepreneurs who feel nervous or to start a business.

While on the other hand, does not also found a few typical entrepreneurial candidates' idealist '. Entrepreuner this type generally do not want to start a business before finding a product or a brilliant idea. They dream to create a product that 'new is' based on a brilliant idea become successful entrepreneurs. This contention occurs because most obsesinya that is too large to achieve success in a flash and becomes rich in quick time.

Interestingly again, this type of entrepreneurship was also found on the person or people who often follow a seminar or training on motivation and success in a variety of business tips. Motivation that made them even excessive, such as waiting in the start to run the business. Bright new ideas that are very innovative and glory. However, in practice, this is even more often and prevent a burden.

To become a successful entrepreneur does not need to wait until God came to breathe a brilliant idea. Conversely, a successful entrepreneur is not looking for something or make a big blow that will even make other people upset. Not a bit of success thus started the event from the usual ordinary happens around us. Thus entrepreneurs are departing from the idea that great ideas and grandiose, it can be ascertained akan failed. People like this tend to do mistakes.

Starting a business from the forge at least done to achieve two goals at once. First, menyiasati selected to mimic the limited resources available, the capital, markets, and labor. Limited resources on the one hand, of course demands careful to minimize the risks that may arise from the business run. Second, the strategy mimics the process of learning as applied to the business directly. By using the process approach, namely learning from the experience directly, so an entrepreneur can train and improve the sense of its business. As told by Peter F. Drucker, entrepreneurship is not the science or art. Entrepreneurship is a practice paper. (*)