Export Business Opportunities

How does Indonesia export market potential? Still open whether the opportunities for actors to enter the small business? Some data show that there was once the size of the potential export market. Interestingly, this potential has not been used because of the good export Indonesia is still relatively small compared to the needs of the world.

To see the potential export markets are many indicators that can be used, both from the internal aspects of the business environment and in our own country as well as conditions external to the target export countries. Including the comparison between the market demand with the supply that can be produced.

World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 displays the data on the 50 biggest exporters and importers in the world. They contribute as much as 94.7 percent of total exports to world exports of 6155 trilun U.S. dollars and 91.8 percent for imports from the world's total import of 6.441 billion U.S. dollars. United States, Japan and Germany are countries that dominate world trade, both in export and import.

Meanwhile, Indonesia occupies 28 ranking with a total export of 56.3 billion U.S. dollars. However, this amount was equal amount of export in 1997 or before the occurrence of economic crisis. Although still very low compared to the value of world exports, but this figure just the brisk economic situation after the crisis that almost all the joints overthrow the national economy.

Meanwhile, according to data from the National Export Development Agency (BPEN), the value of world trade in 2004 recorded at 9.25 trillion U.S. dollars. While the export value of non oil and gas in Indonesia in 2005 was relatively small, amounting to 48 billion U.S. dollars. Rank Indonesia is still far below other countries, even against other developing countries.

Similarly, if we try to see the performance trade-specific products, such as handicrafts, the ability to export still far behind compared to other countries. Compared to total non-oil export value of Indonesia, the export performance of countries we see more smaller, ie less than 1 percent. Even be calculated is very small compared to world market demand.

Performance of the world market shows growth of high. According to data from BPEN, the value of world exports in 2003 to craft a product of 46.7 billion with a growth of 14.74 percent compared to 2002. Type of product is quite large contributions of 50.87 percent of the metal, various crafts (24.99%), and stone handicrafts and ceramics (12.36%).

While the export value of handicraft from Indonesia in 2005 was 465.1 million U.S. dollars or increased slightly compared to the year 2003 is 433 million U.S. dollars and rank order compared to 24 handicraft exporters from other countries. Compared with the performance of world markets, handicraft export from Indonesia is very small, namely 0.9 percent. State the main exporter of handicraft products for them is that China reached 16.70 percent and 5.80 percent of India.

Export value of handicraft products of which Indonesia is donated by wood and rattan craft of 43.69 percent, 29.42 percent of various handicrafts, 20.19 percent of the metal, stone and ceramic handicraft 3.76 percent and 2.95 percent of textile crafts.

While the country's main export destination of the United States is 47.17 percent, Japan 8.23 percent, Singapore 4.16 percent, Germany, 3.96 percent, 3.75 percent of the UK, Italy, 3.25 percent, France 3 percent, australia 2.88 percent, 2.50 percent and the Netherlands.

The performance of the import market of the world also continue to show a fairly rapid growth. Value of imports to the world of handicraft products in 2003 was 50.7 billion U.S. dollars with a growth of 10.11 percent compared to the previous year. Among these types of products donated by the metal craft of 42.75 percent, various crafts (32.21%), and stone handicrafts and ceramics (14.22%). While the country is a major importer of U.S. 30.92 per cent, Hong Kong (9.41%), English (8.28%), Japan (8.15%) and Germany (5.37%).

See the data above, the biggest market is the product of the United States and Europe. The two countries are very exotic craft like product from Asia. Moreover, our country is very rich with a variety of materials that are not less of the craft products from other countries in Asia.

Besides the U.S. and Europe, Japan is also the country of export target of a sufficient potential. However, compared to the U.S. and Europe, the Japanese tend to be more choosy and too many demands. Importer and buyer of Japanese often apply a standard of quality product that is too perfect, so it was not a bit of a craft entrepreneurs avoid order from Japan. (*)