Business Recycled Paper

Along with the development of paper making technology, a variety of color, character and type of paper has been produced in manufacturing. However, paper-paper-products factory is likely to be plain and stereotypes, so it was not able to meet the needs of others who are more artistic. Moreover, some of the community, especially the lovers of the environment, about the impact of the environment due to the needs of wood-wood forest raw materials for paper so big. Departure from the fact this is the idea of recycled paper start to appear.

Paper recycling or also known as paper art popular in the decade of 80's. By applying the same techniques pembuatannya techniques such as making paper manufacturing, part of the community began to try to make recycled paper manually or handmade. From here then arise for a variety of pronouncing the name of handmade paper, such as paper recycling (recycle paper), hand-made paper (Handmade paper), and paper art (art paper) because of its function as the cover art or pelapis products, such as accessories or souvenir .

Term paper art is actually more known among the first printing. This term is never applied to the hand-made paper but also on paper, paper products manufacturer that has a texture, jewelry, or beautiful complexion. While the term recycled paper (recycle paper) have also been previously known among NGOs (NGOs), particularly with a concern for the large number of papers resulting from the use of waste paper that is not economical.

Once people see the business opportunities that prospective enough, the decade in an 90-paper recycling began in commercially produced. In Yogyakarta, some groups of artists to produce recycled paper for the creative process, as in the making of paintings, sculpture, or other experimental art. While in Bandung, appear workshop studio Art Paper Suhuf that produce recycled paper for making products for commercial souvenir. Since that time, paper recycling Dilirik started as a business opportunity which is very interesting.

Now, to meet the needs of the community paper recycling, particularly the order of the exporter and overseas buyer, the producers began to explore alternatives in producing recycled paper in bulk. Of course, without leaving something special and the quality of paper as art. New technology of making recycled paper, such as the use of machines, has begun to be introduced. The fact this is not impossible akan encourage business of making recycled paper into a commercial business that is not home or small-scale industry.

There are a number of reasons why people interested in doing business or to produce recycled paper. Some of the reasons that often terlontar mainly related to environmental issues. In addition, because of raw material there are many around us, is able to absorb the labor force in large numbers so that help eradicate poverty, or any reason for the low investment and does not occupy a complex technology.

From various reasons, there is one fundamental reason enough to be considered before we make an effort to produce or recycled paper. Moreover, if the business is done in a commercial that would have to consider the issues profit margin. Reason is the element of art.

Technically, the process of paper recycling is not different from the other paper-paper that we know so far. However, as the name of art paper, the aspect of someone's creativity and experience determine the quality of the paper dihasilkannya. Creativity will be seen in the pattern or motif, character, texture, color choices, and the strength of paper.

An artist or a person who has aesthetic sensitivity will be very careful in determining the choice of materials dipergunakannya. So also with the knowledge of color and composition, will affect the quality of the art of paper dihasilkannya. Uniqueness and a touch of art is the main element that made the paper recycling has many advantages compared to other paper-paper.

However, as a commercial product, the idealism is only BASED on the beauty of art is not a wise step in to run the business paper recycling is. From experience, there is a striking difference in taste between the people of Europe, the United States, and Japan in terms of color and pattern or motif recycled paper is selected. Therefore, the production of recycled paper of course can not be released to the market tastes. (*)