Comparable Case

"In a meeting with a number of small medium business (SMEs) from various business associations, sounded celetukan pitched joke among the present," This is an employer who take advantage of as many facilities ".

Attention of less such, the entrepreneur who feel 'judged' brief said with a smile, "I only use a facility that was given to me. And that can help me develop the business became quite advanced. "

Is there a wrong with a feel 'judged' is? "

Once the dialog that appears as a note in the pocket book permodalam about this business. When hearing the word or term facility, we often mempersepsikannya as minor or negative. Especially if associated with business activities, most of us imagine the existence of elements collusion, and nepotism. Moreover, if the facility is a business capital of the entrepreneurs is needed.

Capital is the factor that is important to develop and run a business. With enough capital, a business can run the company more planned. Conversely, a few companies that do not close or does not develop due to the limited capital owned. Once the importance of business capital is not so surprising when the capital was considered to participate in determining success or a failure business.

However, to discuss about business capital will not be attractive for large companies that are focused on big capital. Large companies with different capabilities and network does not require the mediation of the facilitation of capital for the business. Conversely, facilitation business capital is very much needed for business small and medium scale (SMEs). Moreover, the number of SMEs in our country is very big.

Currently, the number of companies that we have in the country is estimated around 41.7 million business unit. From large companies to small business and non-legal. However, this turns from a comparison of large and small is very lame. According to the BPS in 2003, the structure of the Indonesian economy was dominated configuration SME reach 99 percent. Uniquely, the number of SMEs from these, as many as 98 persennya around 39 million or more micro-scale business is mostly non-legal.

What's interesting to explore the capital to the institution? Why are SMEs so 'spoiled' with a range of facilities and convenience?

Quite a lot of reasons why SMEs need to get attention and facilities. The author of the book that as many SMEs is the fact the contribution of SMEs to take part in the nation. Among them, SMEs provide employment which is very large. Employment in 2001, SMEs employ as many as 64.3 million people or 65 percent reach of the workforce available.

SMEs also have a resistance strong enough to jolt economy during the economic crisis occurred in 1998. BI data indicate that the economic crisis has caused 31 percent of the SME business, 4 percent of stop, but as much as 64 percent is not affected. In fact some even do business with the target on the products that export-oriented.

In addition, the SME sector is the most easy to the entrepreneurial or entrepreunership in our country. Moreover, entrepreneurship is one alternative that is quite effective to overcome the problem of unemployment and poverty increase the latter course. Is even more important, we need a social structure of middle-scale entrepreneurs is strong support for the nation's progress in the future. Configuring the game due to economic dominance scale micro not conducive enough to support the development and progress of nations.

Therefore, the provision of business facilities, especially in the form of capital business, for SMEs should have been optimally utilized by the SMEs. Unfortunately, information about things such as this is less widespread. Still very few actors who know the SME or utilize such facilities. (*)