Facility Business are Prohibited ?

In a meeting with a number of small and medium businesses (SMEs) from several business associations, remarks pitched sounds that are present between the jokes, "This is great because many employers use the facilities".

Attention and less reassure such, the businessmen who felt 'judged' with a smile said simply, "I'm just using the facilities was given to me. And it can help me develop the business became quite advanced. "

Is there something wrong with the businessmen who felt 'judged' is? "

When hearing the word or term facility, we often perceive it as something minor or negative. Especially when associated with business activities, most of us imagine any element of collusion and nepotism.

But the facility is very necessary business of small entrepreneurs, especially micro-enterprises. By becoming entrepreneurs, the community can eliminate unemployment and improve welfare. Therefore, the provision of business facilities, especially for SME sector, is obligatory for the government.

Currently, we too often hear the institutions or agencies that provide business facilities and can be accessed. Institutions that include government agencies, banks, venture capital firms, and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). (*)