Problems Mapping of SMEs in The US (1)

Experience is the best teacher. Development of small and medium businesses in the United States (U.S.) apparently gives a quite relevant regarding the dynamics experienced by small businesses in Indonesia. Therefore there is no harm if we just look at the conditions of other countries so that we can make a lesson.

Results of research conducted the National Federation of Independent Business found 10 major problems facing small businesses in the U.S.. Most problems are related to the costs that must be incurred by small businesses. Among the cost of health insurance for its workforce is a major problem of the most prominent.

So also with the social security taxes for workers is a heavy burden for small U.S. businesses. Just as with small entrepreneurs in Indonesia, a small business in the U.S. also considers wages as a problem that was ranked third. U.S. government policy that prioritizes the welfare of workers, seems to be a burden in the development effort.

Even the perceived political pressures small business owners to a minimum wage worker is a condition that can not be compromised. Another problem faced by U.S. small businesses is a tax that must be issued to the state. The U.S. government seems to apply strict rules so that small entrepreneurs can not be dodged.